Uqaier / Salwa project



Project Name: The remaining works for the implementation of the Dhahran / Al Uqair / Salwa road with the intersections (stage three) with a length of 66.15 km in the Eastern Province
Consultant name: Euro Group and a partner for engineering consultancy
The project contains roads with a length of 66.15 km
Landfill quantities of 6.2 million m3
Amount of plots 1.3 million m3
Base layer quantities 590 thousand m3
The quantities of the gravel base layer are 550 thousand m3
Base layer asphalt quantities 350 thousand m3
Surface asphalt quantities 90,000 m3
The project also includes an upper intersection and an overpass with a clover leaf pattern between Al Uqair / Salwa / Al Batha Roads and Hofuf / Salwa Roads