Mubarak Marei Al Saloumi Contracting Company is considered one of the distinguished and advanced companies and a symbol of progress and modernization. It is one of the largest companies specialized in the infrastructure of the contracting sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Throughout its history, since its establishment in 1994, the company has implemented a large number of projects with the highest degree of efficiency and development using the latest methods of modern technology.

The company is working to fully comply with the requirements of its customers according to international standards in terms of quality and workmanship in all its previous, existing and future projects, as the company has become in a short period of time one of the largest companies in the field of paving roads and constructing bridges and bridges and has won the trust of its customers such as the Ministry of Transport and Saudi Aramco

As the purpose and goal is to achieve leadership and leadership in the field of contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the global market, the company relied on the highest levels of efficiency from technical cadres of experts, engineers, technicians and trained administrators, as well as owned a fleet of heavy and modern equipment equipped with the highest standards of quality and safety, which qualified it to obtain the classification The first in the contracting sector, as well as obtaining many certificates of good performance as well as quality certificates (ISO 14001-9001-45001) for quality, environment and occupational safety

One of the most important services of the company is road works, including asphalting, lighting, sidewalks, water, electricity and communications. The company has also developed many plans and special projects.

The company has worked since its inception in the service of the comprehensive renaissance that pervades the Kingdom, as it contributed a large share in the construction and construction operations in the central and eastern regions.

about us

our vision

Development events in the contracting sector for the infrastructure of the Saudi market and the global market, and for the company to be one of the largest leading companies at the level of contracting sector companies, progress and prosperity and adherence to the core values that preserve our original identity

our service

The company implements road works such as asphalting, lighting, sidewalks, water, electricity, telecommunications, bridges, bridges and railways, and the company develops many plans and special projects.

our message

To be committed to providing the highest distinguished level of services in accordance with the highest standards of quality and international specifications, keenness and commitment to the satisfaction of its customers that serve the community and achieve what the wise government aspires to towards achieving the required development